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Three Explanations Why Meter Calibration Is Needed

Calibration compares a device with an unknown value with a known value that is the reference standard. There are different types of calibration, such as meter calibration, and all are important to the testing of measurement devices and equipment. Read on to learn why calibration is needed as part of your company’s work.

Measurement devices need to be calibrated

All measurement and test devices that your company uses must be calibrated on a regular basis to ensure that they are always working properly. Part of this is due to regulations and standard set by the industry. As technology advances, higher precision tests are being developed, and this requires accurate calibration.

Devices can deteriorate over time due to heat, weather, corrosion, damage, and age. Even the most accurate measurement equipment may have small errors, and calibration will make sure that these are corrected. Using a company such as Fluke Calibration to calibrate your equipment can help build trust among your customers and ensure that the results of experiments are correct.

Calibration has a high return on investment

A regular schedule of meter calibration is seen by many as a smart business investment. This typically has a high return on investment because it reduces the risk of waste in production and cuts down on any downtime in the production process. Working with a business such as Fluke Calibration can help you avoid any recalls in your products that may occur if you produce them outside of the design tolerances.

Calibration also identifies any problems with your devices, so you can repair or replace them before they fail. If you do regular calibration, you will see safety and quality increase as overall costs decrease.

Calibrators need calibration too

While you may know that measurement equipment needs to be calibrated, did you know that your calibrators need calibration as well? This is something that often goes overlooked, but it is also important to your business. A calibrator can wear down or drift from its calibration tolerance over time. To check for this and ensure that your meter calibration is functioning properly. You need to calibrate your calibrators on a regular basis. In addition, calibrators usually have more accurate standards they need to match.

Calibration is important, so make sure that your company has a standard set of procedures to conduct calibration tests. If you need help, you can contact experts such as those at Fluke Calibration to help you come up with a schedule.

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