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There is a $40.00 minimum on all orders done in our lab.

All on-site calibration orders are subject to $500.00 minimum charge.

All on-site orders are subject to a travel/set-up charge.

All prices are subject to change upon receipt of items.

ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited Calibration available on select items upon request.

A $10.00 evaluation fee on repairs is waived upon approval of quote.

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1-2-3 Blocks
2-4-6 Bloks
Amplifier, Gage / Mu Checker
Angle Blocks
Angle Gage - Blade / Leaf Type
Angle Plate, Knee - Granite Grade A
Angle Plate, Knee - Steel
Ball Bar
Ball Bearing
Bath, Temperature
Bench Center
Bench Micrometer (Supermicrometer)
Bore Gages
Box Parallel
Calibration Tester / Indicator Calibrator
Caliper - Center to Center
Caliper Calibration Block / Caliper Checker
Caliper Calibration Block: Kalmaster (I.D. & O.D.)
Chamfer Gage
Chart Recorder - Multi Channel / Hybrid
Chart Recorder - Single Channel
Check Master
Combination Square Set
Comparator, Optical (No Data Points Provided)
Comparator, Optical - Video
Concentricity Gages
Conductivity Meter / Tester - Fluid
Conductivity Meter / Tester- Metal
Conductivity Standards
Countersink Gage
Crankshaft Distortion Gage
Current Shunt
Data Acquisition - Modules / Multiplexer Card
Data Acquisition - Unit
Data Logger - Single Channel (Portable Recorder Type)
Dead Weight Tester
Decade Box
Depth Gage - Caliper Type
Depth Gage - Indicator Type
Depth Mike Checker
Dew Point Monitors
Dry Block Calibrator
Dynamometer - Hand Held
Dynamometer - Other Models
Flow Meter (Gas Only) - Rotameter
Force Gage / Push-Pull Gage / Fish-Scale - Tension or Compression Only
Gage Blocks - Long Blocks
Gage Blocks - Up to 4"
Gage Setting Fixture, Sunnen
Gage Stand - Granite or Steel
Gage Tree
Gauss Meter / Magnetic Field Indicator
Groove Gage
Hardness Tester - Portable
Hardness Tester - Standard & Superficial
Hardness Tester - Standard & Superficial, Brinell Type
Hardness Tester - Standard & Superficial, Hand Held
Height Gage
Height Gage-Motorized/Electronic (Trimos Style)
Height Master - Cadillac Gage
Hi-Voltage Probe
Hole Gage - Kwik Chek
Hot Plate
Humidity Gage-Dial, Digital (Hygrometer)
Hygrothermograph (Chart Type)
Inclinometer - Digital Protractor
Indicator - All Types Listed Below
Indicator - Button
Indicator - Co-Ax
Indicator - Drop / Dial
Indicator - Electronic
Indicator - Mahr Type Indicator
Indicator - Test/ Finger Type
Indicator Calibrator
Insulation / Dielectric Tester
Intertest / I.D. Dial Caliper Gage
Laser Micrometer
Level - Precision
Light Meter
Load Cell - Tension OR Compression Only
Loop Calibrator (No Data Points Provided)
Magnehelic Gages
Magnification Scale / Loupe Calibrator
Meters, Electrical - Coaxial / Microwave / Radio Frequency (RF) (No Data Points Provided)
Meters, Electrical - DMM (No Data Points Provided)
Meters, Electrical - Miscellaneous (No Data Points Provided)
Meters, Electrical - Multifunction (No Data Points Provided)
Micrometer - ANY TYPE Listed Below
Micrometer - Ball
Micrometer - Blade
Micrometer - Center
Micrometer - Depth
Micrometer - Disc / Flange
Micrometer - Groove
Micrometer - I.D.
Micrometer - Indicating (Supermicrometer-Hand Held)
Micrometer - Inside
Micrometer - Intramic
Micrometer - Multi / Mul-T Mike
Micrometer - Multi-Anvil
Micrometer - O.D.
Micrometer - Pitch / Thread
Micrometer - Point
Micrometer - Spline
Micrometer - Tri-Flute
Micrometer - Tube
Micrometer - Unimike / Wallmike
Micrometer Head
Micrometer Standards
Micrometer Standards - Pitch (Length Calibration Only)
Mike Master
Mu Checker
Oditest / Scissor Gage/ Dial Caliper Gage
Optical Parallel / Flat
Oscilloscope (No Data Provided)
Oven / Freezer / Cooler / Incubators
Parallels - Steel, Granite, Adjustable
Permeability Indicator
PH Meters
Pi Tape
Pin Gage - Cylindrical, Individual
Pin Gage - Cylindrical, Set
Pin Retention Gage
Pipette - Adjustable
Pipette - Fixed
Plug Gage - Hex Plug
Plug Gage - Special Thread Plug (ACME & Multi Lead)
Plug Gage - Taper (NPT, ANPT, NPTF)
Plug Gage - Thread - English - Class X (UNC, UNF, UNEF, UNS, STI) (Left-hand, B/P, A/P, NPSM)
Plug Gage - Thread - Metric
Plug Gage - Thread - Set Plug - English Class W or X
Plug Gage - Thread - Set Plug - Hi / Lo
Plug Gage - Thread - Set Plug - Metric
Power - Analyzer / Meter (No Data Points Provided)
Power - Supply / Source (No Data Points Provided)
Precision Hole Gage
Pressure - Gauge
Pressure - Controller/ Indicator / Tester
Pressure - Module / Transducer / Transmitter
Probe - Air
Profilometer - Surface Roughness Tester
Radius Gage Set
Recorder -- X-Y Chart, Temp. Plotter
Resistance Standards
Retention Tester- Most Models
Ring Gage - Plain Cylindrical, Chamfer and Countersink
Ring Gage - Taper (NPT, NPTF, ANPT)
Ring Gage - Thread - SOME SIZES Listed Below
Ring Gage - Thread - ACME, Multi-Lead
Ring Gage - Thread - English - Standard (UNC, UNF, UNEF)
Ring Gage - Thread - Left Hand, B/P, A/P
Ring Gage - Thread - Metric - Standard - Class 6g
Ring Gage - Thread - Metric- Special, L/H
Ring Gage - Thread - Special - UN, UNS, NPSM
Riser Block
Ruler - Steel & Wyteface
Scale - Weight, Analytical
Scale - Weight, Triple Beam / Electronic
Setting Standards
Sieves - Test - Inspection Grade
Sine Plate / Bar
Snap - Gage
Snap - Meter, Dial
Soldering - Station
Sound Level
Sphere - Probe
Spring Tester - Tension or Compression
Spring Tester with Length Gage - Add to price above
Square - Cylindrical
Square Cylindrical - Steel / Granite
Stage Micrometer
Stopwatch-Hand Held
Straight Edge
Supermicrometer, ID / OD Bench Comparator
Surface Plate / Granite Table - Calibration
Surface Plate / Granite Table - Resurfacing (in addition to calibration cost above)
Tachometer, Hand Held - Digital / Analog / Gun (RPM Meter)
Tape Measure
Taper Gage
Telescoping Gage
Temperature Controller
Temperature Gage - Dial, Digital
Tensile Testers - Tension / Compression
Thermocouple - Calibrator (No Data Points Provided)
Thermocouple - Module
Thermocouple - Wire / Probe to 660 °C
Thermometer - Bi-metallic, Surface, Glass
Thermometer - Calibrator (No Data Points Provided)
Thermometer - Digital
Thermometer - Infrared/Laser, Heat Gun
Thermometer - Multi Channel / Thermocouple Type
Thickness Gage
Thickness Gage - Titrimeter / Isoscope
Thickness Gage-Standards-Film / Shims
Torque Driver
Torque Tester / Transducer, Multiplier
Torque Watch
Torque Wrench / Meter
Tri Roll Stands
Vacuum Gauge
Viscosity Cups/ Meter
Voltage Recorder
Weld Fillet Gages
Welders / Welding Machines
Wire / Wheel Gage
Wires - Thread Measuring
Wires Crimpers / Strippers
Wrist / Foot Strap


Bore Gages
Chamfer / Countersink Gages
Depth Gage
Height Gage - Electronic
Height Gage - Vernier, Dial or Digital
Height Master
Micrometer Heads - Electronic
Micrometers - Blade
Micrometers - Depth
Micrometers - Disc
Micrometers - Electronic
Micrometers - Groove
Micrometers - Indicating
Micrometers - O.D. / Vernier
Multi-Anvil Micrometers
Oditest / Interest
Oditest / Scissor Gage
Pressure Gauges
Thickness Gage - Dial
Thickness Gage - Electronic
Torque Drivers
Torque Wrenches

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